5 4 5

Confession time:

I haven’t worked out … consistently … in a very long time. As in since before my half marathon in 2006. Pathetic, I know.

The Writer has asked me weekly since the November (2007) race, “How’s the running coming?” Mum asks me the same question on a fairly regular basis as well.

That’s the good and the bad about accountability.

Truthfully? The only thing that’s been running is the little hamsters in my brain trying to come up with excuses for why my feet aren’t doing what I had promised I’d do.

“How’s the running coming?”

I haven’t run since November 18th (I just looked it up) and that very significant fact, more than any other, has heaped more guilt on my shoulders than anything else I have or haven’t done.

I am happy to share that I am on day 5 of 5 days heading out the door and hitting the road for my 5am cardio walks. It’s been cold but very well worth every minute I spend outside.

Because this week has been all about the “walk,” Hub is convinced I won’t ever try running again. While I know he’s not thrilled about my running, he’s wrong.

I’ve got that 5k at the end of March, remember? My goal is to run it and run it I shall.

I’m tenacious by nature. When I set a goal, I work hard to meet it.

That is when I’m not coming up with excuses for why I can’t/haven’t/won’t do it. But hey, it’s time to take the “boxing gloves” off and now celebrate this small accomplishment, not beat myself up for all that I haven’t done.

Today: 5 4 5

Tomorrow: 6 4 6


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