Thank you Writers Guild for going on strike

Hub & I are learning so much while all of our favorite shows are in reruns.

For instance, we would have never learned how intelligent our royal poochies are.

Or aren’t.

Depends on which pooch we’re talking about.

I forget which show it was, but National Geographic has become one of our go-to channels when we want to kill some brain cells in the evening. One of the shows we watched recently was on canine intelligence.

There was a study that determined that canines will wag their tails more to the right if they are in an enclosed pen and can see their human through an opening in one of the pen’s walls. If a strange human, or an alpha canine is observed by the isolated canine, their tails will wag more to the left.

So, Hub & I tried to duplicate this with the royal poochies. Our results didn’t reflect what was found in the research.

Quixote, I’m proud to say, wagged his fluffy tail predominantly to the right. Good poochie!

Sadly, Panza wags predominantly left.

Every. single. time.

Either Hub & I are strange, or he’s directionally challenged.

Truth be told, I’m guessing it’s a little bit of both.

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