Oh what a year!

Is it really the last day of 2007? It hardly seems possible, yet it is.

I never did get our annual newsletter out to family & friends this year. Come to think of it, we didn’t even get Christmas cards mailed this year. Sincere apologies!

Hub & I were incredibly busy during the last twelve months. Of course, when are we ever not?

In 2007:

It was cold enough and icy enough that we actually cancelled school in January. Twice.

The Writer & I decided at the almost-last minute to do the AT&T Austin last February together. In the end, she entered the Texas Half which occurred the weekend before the AT&T & I couldn’t even start the race due to a back injury that hadn’t healed.

I did enter a couple of 5k races this year, though.

Looking inward, I don’t think I’ll ever learn how to graciously accept a compliment.

Hub & I were almost parents this past year. Unfortunately, babymommy didn’t know where babydaddy was. Long story short, we’re still outside the parent ‘hood looking in.

And then there was the whole saga about the tree that fell in our front yard and barely missed falling on the house. Remember when I went to haul the final part of the stump to the dump, I smashed the snot out of my finger? That was a fun day, let me tell you.

We got lots of rain in these parts over the summer and where there’s rain, there’s lush green grass and pretty flowers. We were also blessed with the discovery that Kermie sprung a leak.

This past summer was also the summer of challenges. With all the rain, a serious wrench got thrown into my workout schedule. And then there was the ankle injury that nagged at me for several months. In amongst all this, the Writer challenged me to complete 450 miles in 4 months.

I took her up on her challenge.

Sadly, I weenied out because of my ankle, because of school and school and because, in the end … I lost my rudder.

2007 is ending on a high note, though! I struggled and complained and sweated through two extremely difficult classes with my GPA intact and I’m eagerly looking forward to finishing my last 3 semesters of grad school in 2008.

2007 was a busy year filled with lots of challenges. Some met, some not. But a busy year all the same.

What does 2008 have it store?

No idea.

But it’ll be a fun journey finding out!

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