iHave created a monster

Hub & I decided that we’d take a day trip through our fair city yesterday over to the VERY chic and upscale mall out by our university.

Okay, we were actually in the area because Hub wanted to sell back his fall semester books and the mall was just. right. there.

I’ve been talking about all the merits of the Macbook and why I thought it would be something to consider when we’re ready to replace my “freebie” notebook.

The trip to the Apple store, you see, was supposed to be all about me. Kidding … gosh, don’t take everything I say so seriously!

Imagine my incredulity when we approached the store and the first thing to slap us in the face was this:

Yes, tatertots. As soon as Hub saw the iTouch, iKnew I had a problem on my hands.

The nail that sealed my coffin on this was when iJokingly said, “You know, iWas thisclose to getting you one of these for an anniversary gift.” Not! The price point is, in my opinion, too high for a 16gb mp3 player.

Hub was drooling and iKnew iWas in trouble. iFound a quick diversion to get him out of the store and guess what?

All. He’s. Talked. About. Since. We. Left. The. Mall. Is. How. Much. He. NEEDS. To. Have. This. New. Toy, er, gadget.


What have iDone?


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