Fun with Secret Santa

I really have fun playing Secret Santa.

I had to change my clues from last year because the guy that I was Secret Santa to decided to pull in a few friends to try and figure out who I was.

The guys were too good and figured me out before the big reveal at our annual Christmas luncheon and so I had to make sure to have good clues this year but not be too revealing so that the suspense would hold through today.

My colleague that I was Secret Santa to was hilarious! I was getting reports all week from different people that shared with me (not realizing that I was the culprit) who she thought was gifting her.

Since it was an early release day today, all teachers had lunch duty during their “normal” lunch period. She & I eat lunch the same period and so when she came up to me and started chatting about how she thought she’d figured out who her Secret Santa was, and how it couldn’t be me, I almost died laughing.

I love, love, loved her response when we had the big reveal and the Santa giving her her Friday gift turned out to be me:

“It was you? No way! Man, you gave good clues, I couldn’t figure out who you were for anything! No wonder you had a funny look on your face during lunch!”

Time to start working on next year’s clues, heh, heh, heh.

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