Christmas past

Hub & I headed up to the outlet mall and stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast this morning. Our favorite thing to do after eating, and before paying our bill, is to wander around the country store. I found some Christmas stockings marked 50% off and couldn’t resist.

As I was paying for my purchase, the cashier smiled one of those fond memory smiles and shared what they used to do when she was a little girl:

She and her sisters would each hang one of their own socks on the fireplace mantle and that was what they would receive their gifts in. She said that since she was the youngest, her sock was always the smallest one. “Of course,” she said, “we’d only get an orange and some nuts in our socks. Not like gift giving today.”

I had to smile because I remember a few Christmases when my brothers and I would wake up on Christmas morning to empty our stockings (we had Christmas stockings) and there would sometimes be an orange and some candies in them along with other things like small toys, underwear, and toothbrushes. After we unloaded our stockings, we’d get to open the gifts that were under the tree.

Even though we don’t have a fireplace to hang our stockings, Hub & I still put gifts to each other (and to the royal poochies) in our Christmas stockings. I have to admit, we don’t leave fruit, nuts, or candies for each other. Never have done that. One of our Christmas traditions, however, is still to pull everything out of the stockings first before opening our other gifts.

Isn’t it funny how times have changed and yet somethings have stayed the same?


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