Warped Christmas tale

‘Twas the evening before the last day of school before Christmas break when all through the house,

Lisa & Hub were frantically stirring like church mice in a cheese factory.


I had one of “those” moments at the local mall when I was merely running in to pick up Hub’s Chris Kringle gift for work and then racing out of the store to head home only to find that the van that had parked — er, DOUBLE parked next to me on the driver’s side only gave me about 2 inches from my mirror to his passenger side door.


I should have taken a picture because it really is THAT hard to believe.

I was speechless.

I had to crawl through the passenger side and over the middle console to get into the driver seat. The best part was trying to pull Kermie (we call my car Kermie) out of the parking space without knocking off my driver side mirror.

You think these things will never happen to you …

Christmas break?

I am SO ready!

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