Christmas time

Isn’t it interesting how decorating for Christmas changes our outlook on the world?

The lawn doesn’t look so messy because it’s Christmas and we’re supposed to have lots of leaves all over the place.

I was talking to the Princess a little while ago and asked if it was cold where she was. She said, “It’s cold but there’s no snow.”

Yes little one, it’s cold but there’s no snow here in Texas, either.

Hub & I elected to not get a cut tree again this year. Which means that we’re not putting up a tree. But that’s okay. We’ll wait for the after Christmas sales and buy an artificial one for next year. I told him I want to eventually get three, maybe four artificial trees … one each for the living room, the dining room, and the loft and maybe a fourth for the breakfast room. We’ll get one a year for the next few years so it doesn’t cost so much at one time.

He thought the idea was mahvelous.

Decorating for Christmas. Definitely good for the soul.

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