If the semester’s over, why am I so stressed?

Good question.

Could it be I’ve been waiting with MUCH anticipation for my grades to be posted? (They won’t post until tomorrow afternoon)

Could it be that I have to deal with staff issues again today? (I’ve had to deal with various staff issues everyday this week … nothing new here)

Could it be that I’ve done zilch to get the house ready for Christmas or that I have neither written the family letter nor bought the Christmas cards to stuff them in? (is it tacky to tell everyone to just log on & read my blog?)

Could it be that now that I’ve got homework-free evenings and the writer’s strike is still going on and all my favorite shows have been in reruns that there’s nothing new to watch on TV? (okay, my mind wandered …)

I could speculate all I want and I don’t think I’d come up with an answer.

The good news is, these sleepless nights come in threes and this is the third night/morning.

I’ll be sleeping good tonite … yessir!

And thank goodness.

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