Prayer Request

Hub’s dad’s been in and out of the hospital since before Thanksgiving. He had a quadruple bypass this past Wednesday and was moved out of the ICU this morning. He’s progressing well. The docs still aren’t sure why he’s so dizzy or why his speech is more slurred than usual. They’ve already ruled out stroke.

One of my colleagues spent Thursday night/Friday morning at the hospital with her dad. He had had an aneurysm almost rupture last year about this time and so any little thing out of the ordinary sends them back to the hospital. I called my colleague to check on how her dad’s doing but had to leave a voicemail for her.

Please keep Hub & his dad and my colleague and her dad, and all the doctors & specialists involved in their care in your prayers. I know they’d all appreciate it.

One thought on “Prayer Request

  1. Seems like lots of prayers are needed now for lots of folks…you know Carl, his dad and your co-worker & her dad all have my prayers! If you haven’t read my latest blog, my family is in need of prayer right now too…God bless and much love to you!

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