Back to the drawing board

I asked my lunch buddies to push me out the door at 3:45 today if they saw me putzing around in my classroom at that time.

They didn’t have to.

I was SO READY to leave today that I was doing the “clock watch” for the last 5 minutes of my minimum duty day.

I wanted to be sure I got out on time so I could hit the road this afternoon.


I wasn’t fast & it was pitifully short.

It was Day 1 all over again.

I told Hub when I got back that I’m so tired of “day 1” training days.

I have to take it slow and I can’t go very far because I don’t want any injuries and I know that I can’t just pick up where I left off two weeks ago. Or two months ago.

I’ve got to figure out how to reconcile the busyness of my plate in such a way that I can get everything done and feel good about it.

Whatever happens …

TODAY was my last “day 1” training day.

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