When conversations become challenges

Head Cheese celebrated the completion of his superintendent’s training today when he and his cohort hosted a superintendent’s symposium and invited all the grad students in the Ed.Leadership program to attend.

It’s been very interesting sharing a professor this semester with my principal. He had the prof for his Ed.D class and I had the prof for one of my M.Ed. classes.

Among the speakers at today’s symposium were my Director of Special Education and my superintendent.

Although definitely not necessary, I felt it “bad form” if I didn’t attend.

I’m glad I went.

Many colleagues from my district were there. And, because we’re a relatively small district, we all knew each other.

Funny how things work out that way.

I began planting the seeds of “I’m graduating next semester and I’ll be looking for a job” to anyone and everyone that would be able to help me move up the food chain. The Good Lord willing, my hard work will pay off with a job here in my district. I really don’t want to have to leave if at all possible.

One thing my superintendent said in her closing comments that I really hadn’t thought of until she said it,

“I challenge each and every student in here to consider working toward the superintendency.”

I had had a conversation with one of the vice principals at my school a few months back and she said then that I’d make an excellent superintendent one day. I really hadn’t thought anything of that conversation until this morning.

Interesting how conversations have a way of becoming challenges.

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