Small chunks

“What’s the very next thing that you need to do to make progress in accomplishing that task? Take 5 minutes and do it. You’ll be amazed how small that roadblock seems when you’re done.” ~ Joe @ Simple

Thanksgiving Break is officially over and the reality of it is that I’ve been muddling through my grad school projects these past several days.

I have one last small project to complete and then all that will be left to accomplish is completion of the policy analysis paper. The prof pushed the deadline back until next weekend. What a blessing! I had procrastinated so long on starting the paper that by the time I had actually started last week, I hadn’t allowed myself time to access the necessary resources in order to get the job done correctly. Now, with the gift of a few more days, I’ll be able to finish it and actually be satisfied with my work.

I got to thinking last night as I finalized the draft on my last case critique that I don’t work continuously on writing projects. I work in “chunks” of time, take breaks, and get back to work.

It really frustrates me that I can’t deal with writing papers the way I deal with other aspects of school … both where I teach and where I learn.

It probably stems from my undergrad days when the profs would literally bleed red ink all over my papers. I remember one prof telling me, “Lisa, you’re not in high school anymore. Learn how to write.”

I jokingly tell Hub each time I have a new project to submit that I flash back to those days and the terror I felt every time I had to turn in a paper.

I was astonished when I read “Joe’s” words of advice to work in small segments of time in order to finish big projects/overcome roadblocks.

For me, writing projects = roadblocks



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