If I were a screenwriter and yesterday was my script

I must confess: if I had been a screenwriter tasked with creating the scenario for this year’s Thanksgiving festivities, I wouldn’t have written it the way things played out yesterday.

Our little drama actually started Wednesday afternoon on my way home from meeting with my budget group. We had met at the downtown library (a/k/a the “Red Enchilada”) to finalize our semester project which is due next week. I checked my messages on my cell phone voice mail and had one from Hub. He was on the way to the hospital.

They thought his dad had had a stroke and he was being admitted for testing. It turns out it wasn’t a stroke, however the docs aren’t sure what’s got him sick, so he wasn’t released to go home.

Hub went back to the hospital yesterday morning and met up with me & the royal poochies over at Mum & Da’s chateau for dinner.

Mum & Da had volunteered to bring home some Air Force recruits so that they could enjoy a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal. The two boys (and yes, they were BOYS) were sweet. One was talkative, the other quiet. One from the east coast, the other from the west. Both were wiped out from 6 weeks of basic training and they and Da fell asleep in front of the television while the game played on. (Okay, I’d have written this part in.)

Hub arrived shortly after we had started eating and caught us up on his dad’s progress. The docs still had no idea why he continues to be so dizzy. His speech did start to improve and wasn’t so “slurry” as Hub called it. That was good news.

Shortly after the dishes were washed and put away, Hub volunteered to take the royal poochies home since it was getting close to their dinner time.

After he left, the Writer called. She shared with me that she’d been in a car accident that morning. (Definitely NOT something I would have written into the screenplay of Thanksgiving day!)

Aside from a sore neck & back, she’s okay. She hadn’t, however, gone to the hospital to have them check her out. So, I urged her to eat her dinner and head on over for x-rays.

All in all, it was a good day. The weather was significantly cooler than it had been and with the exception of the ongoing drama with Hub’s dad and the Writer’s accident, a fairly calm day.

I’m definitely not a screenwriter. Nor do I ever hope to be.

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