Hearts of Champions

Yesterday was one of an incredibly few times I’ve been able to see the student athletes from the best junior high school in Texas strut their stuff.

Granted, yesterday included one small segment of our athletic community, but still.

These girls were sweet and funny and polite, and clumsy.

They were so cute!

I think that was probably the best part. These young ladies are in the midst of their growth spurts and the reality of those one or two new inches meant that they tripped themselves and each other. A lot.

Hub came up for the last half of the winner’s bracket game and we both couldn’t contain our smiles and giggles.

One athlete would try a fast break to the net and would be running so fast and then the ball would get away from her and she’d be dribbling air as the ball went one way and she went the other and then “floop” onto her belly she’d fall. She wouldn’t stay down long, though, getting up as quick as she could to chase down the ball before it went out of bounds with the rest of both teams in pursuit, some of them falling over their own feet and tripping others in the process.

It was sweet and comical and the girls all tried so hard.

They have the hearts of champions.

I’m honored to be one of their teachers.

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