Yep, that’s me … "junior" administrator

What is in the air these days? I know we’re having weird shifts in the weather … 80’s one day, 60’s the next, but is this any reason for the insanity that’s flooded campus this week?


I received an e-mail from one of my certifieds last night … a vent e-mail … asking if she could vent in person to me this morning. I said, “Sure!” I’d rather have one of my staff vent at me than a parent (I’m sensing this isn’t a good thing … I should probably feel at least equally ambivalent about staff and parent vents … at least that’s my thinking, anyway).

It still was a good thing because I’ve had the sense that my certifieds have lost their faith/trust/respect for me over the past few months. I don’t know why. I just keep on keeping on … plodding along … keeping to myself … doing my job the best way I know how.

am I rambling?

I’m thinking I’m starting to regain their respect, anyway, because I’m not only listening to their vents but allowing them the time they need to come up with possible solutions without trying to solve their problems for them.

I did, however, need to step in this morning and offer some solutions for her to consider. Her vent was legitimate and the situation was serious enough that I knew I was serving as more than a sounding board.

Soooo …

The insanity is taking its toll on all of us. We’re tired and need a break.

Two more weeks.
Two more weeks.
Two more weeks ’til Thanksgiving break!

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