Oh, by the way …

I gather y’all have by now figured out that life around the Casa has been pretty hectic these last few months. I knew this would happen and I expected some of it.

But, like I wrote in another place and time, I didn’t expect all of it and I’ve unfortunately dwelled on many of the bumps instead of sharing the joys of the ride.

I don’t know if my fan club of two has ever actually explored the links I have listed on here at the Casa. Not surprisingly, I am a curious soul and click on the links that I find on other people’s web pages just to see what’s there.

Anyway, in case my two readers haven’t explored the links, here’s one to a place I started a few weeks ago where I’m not writing to update but just to pour out my soul. I was nervous about making that space public because it really is naked writing and I don’t want to be judged.

I know my entries over here have gotten whiny lately. And I apologize.

My life really is sweet and fun and filled with lots of wonderful things.

I promise to do a better job in sharing these moments with you.

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