Woe is me: Over worked, under paid, boo hoo

I must confess that when I started this graduate school adventure two years ago, I never in my life thought that I’d

1) take this long to complete the program; and
2) complain so much about a class for so long

This semester, by far, has been the most hectic!

Never mind the fact that I’m taking two of the most labor-intensive classes in my program at the same time AND I am in the tenth week of a new instructional program at my school, meeting more resistance in the last two days than I have in the last nine weeks.

Rather than complain about grad school, I’ll whine about what’s going on at the best junior high school in Texas:

I’m worn down, beaten up, and tired of crying both with my team and for my team.

My team & I sat with our district counterparts for what was supposed to have been a ten minute meeting this afternoon. It turned into a 70-minute vent-fest with very little being resolved. I apologized to my team for subjecting them to it. The first part of the meeting went fairly quickly.

I about killed our LSSP for taking as long as he did.


And we get to do the same thing next month. Joy.

I came home and cried some more. Hub looked at me and asked me why I’m crying over things I can’t change.

That’s exactly why I was crying … because I can’t change a thing.

And all I want to do is run.

Thank goodness the Marathon of the Americas is next weekend.

Too bad I only signed up for the 5k. I think I’ve got enough stress built up inside of me to carry me through 26.2!

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