Life’s little blessings

My life is full of little blessings:

* Mum & Da arrived home safely from their high school reunion trip to Hawaii

* The big move from one room to another finally happened … and I didn’t lose any boxes like I had originally thought I had

* My Finance prof conceded defeat on the state research project & dumped it

* I didn’t fall asleep on my panini and get it stuck up my nose (long story)

Although this week isn’t over, it’s been a good week.

I am so incredibly blessed to have my assistant and my intern working with me! These two ladies are absolute dynamos. It took the three of us less than a day to get everything unpacked and put away before kiddies started showing up at our door for assistance.

I gave them each a pot of teacup roses as thanks for all of their hard work. I wish I could have given them gift certificates for massages but that’s just a little rich for my blood.

I am, after all, still only a teacher living on a teacher’s salary.

I talked to Mum this evening on my way home from school. She told me about all of the adventures she & Da had in Hawaii over the past week. It sounds like they had SO MUCH FUN!

I am glad that they’re home safe & sound. I’ll sleep better tonight. : )

I feel bad for Hub in amongst all of this. He’s feeling a bit low because of many things going on his professional life. If you think of him tomorrow, would you lift up a prayer that he’ll be encouraged? I know he’d appreciate it.

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