Miss Frugal

Queen Mum called today.

These aren’t usually the kinds of things that stick in my memory because I try to call or talk to her at least once or twice a week.

She called while she and Da are away at her high school’s 50th reunion weekend.

In Hawaii.

Using her cell phone.

Why does this stick in my memory, you may be asking?

I guess because I’m a bit frugal.

Okay, more than a “bit.”

I’m very frugal. I don’t like to spend money unnecessarily because Mum & Da ingrained in me that saving for a “rainy day” and planning for retirement are very important.

While we were in the middle of our conversation, Mum told me that the Pilot called her the other day while Da & she were at lunch in Hana (their first day back in Hawaii) and that he was sitting on the tarmac in Philadelphia waiting for clearance to take off and thought he’d call to chat.

Using his cell phone.

These guys must be made of money!

Calling half-way around the world and over an ocean using a cell phone is so inconceivable that I can’t even begin to wrap my tiny brain around how huge their phone bill will be next month.

Not that it’s any of my business or concern.

Of course, the Writer will joke and say that I don’t even make local calls on my cell phone. That’s not true.

I call hubby a lot. Of course, calls between us are free because we’re on the same carrier.

And admittedly I’ve called the Writer long distance from my cell phone.

Three times.

In two years.

At least we’re on the same continent.


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