Boss’s Day

I sometimes forget that I am someone’s boss. A whole lot of someones’ boss, actually.

That is until Boss’s Day rolls around.

Boss’s Day is actually better than Christmas sometimes. Not because of the gifts, but because the people that work for me take a moment and say, “Thanks Lisa for all your hard work. We don’t say it near enough, but we like working for you.”

It’s actually quite humbling.

Head Cheese called me into his office this afternoon to let me know some interesting statistics. He shared with me that my program is 10 students less than my counterpart at the high school down the street. And the staff at the high school is several people larger than mine. I extrapolated this information out: I have 10 less students than the high school’s program. I only have two grades at my school. If I had FOUR grades, my numbers could conceivably be the highest in the district. Whoa!

The natural question is when will I receive an increase in my staff to support the number of students that I’m supporting.

Alas, it always comes down to money.

Ah, but a girl can dream!

My bosses (both of them) think I’m doing a good job managing the meager resources they’ve asked me to steward. I’m “feeling the love” from my staff. The kids seem to be in a bit more of a mellow mood. My intern & I are finally able to coordinate our calendars so that we can meet for our monthly observations. The lines of communication are FINALLY open between my department and my district counterpart.

It’s been a good couple of days.


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