Panza, personality, and psychosis

Quixote & Panza are goofy.

I call Quixote the “agoraphobe.” I can’t recall ever hearing about a dog that doesn’t like to go outside and just hang.

May not have heard of one, but I have one living under my roof!

Panza’s goofiness stems from his play. He runs around the house grunting and “oofing” at no one and everyone, finds a corner between the couch and the wall and barks while he nests, runs out of the “nest” and grunts & “oofs,” slams into Quixote (imagine a rhino slamming into a giraffe), runs away grunting and “oofing,” back to spot between the couch and the wall, out again to look at me, barks, flops down,

and goes to sleep.

I heard somewhere that our animals feed off of our emotions, our stresses, and our personalities.

If this is the case,

what are these two saying about me?


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