When a stranger stares

I am so thankful for caps!

My hair’s in that “ugly” stage when you know it’s time for a haircut, but there’s just no time to get the appointment scheduled.

My hair was flopping in my face when I left campus this afternoon and I decided I needed to go buy a cap at the university bookstore when I got to campus for my Finance class.

I found a hot pink one. Cotton is not my favorite cap fabric, but I really liked the cap. So I bought it.

The sales clerk asked if I wanted a bag. I looked at him with a straight face and said, “No thank you, but I’d like a pair of scissors, please.”

He was shocked.

I then added, “to cut the tags so I can wear the cap.”

He said, “Oh yeah, I guess you do need to wear it, don’t you?”

I must have looked a little annoyed (at least I felt like I should have looked a little annoyed) and said, “So, what’re you sayin’?”

I calmly waited for him to snip the plastic thingy that held the tags, took the cap from him, plopped it on my head, and left the store.

I better hurry up & schedule that hair appointment.


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