A Week in a Day of My Life


October 10, 2007

I woke up this morning exhausted from the migraine that drove me to bed early last night. I don’t know what happens on the Tuesday nights I go to school but each and every time (no exaggeration) I come home from a Tuesday night class, I’m sick.

I think it’s “sick building” syndrome.

You laugh! Go ahead.

I forgot to take my vit-ee-mins this morning before I left the house and was in a panic.

Called hubby and asked if he thought I’d make it through the day.

Silly question, I know. He said I’d make it.

Go ahead, keep on laughing.

Oh, news! We haven’t moved yet. The news Monday afternoon was there was no a/c in the 2nd floor rooms yet. The move was pushed back to today … with a big “maybe” before “today.”

This morning’s update: still no a/c and oh yeah, there’s a leak that has to be found and fixed before the 2nd floor of the building is cleared for occupancy. Just another day in the life at “Construction Central” junior high school.

My roommates & I, however, are getting a little tired of living out of boxes.

I had several staff out today for various reasons. Of the three administrators, only one was left on campus. Of the two behavior specialists, both were gone.

I looked at the one remaining Vice Principal and said, “You realize that you & I are the behavior crisis team, right?” His response, “If you need me, don’t call.” He was kidding.

You’re still laughing, right?

Fortunately our high-intensity child I call, “Michael Jackson” because one day he insisted on wearing one black sequined glove everywhere, was having a very good day.

And when 4 o’clock rolled around, and my last meeting of the day was over, I was laughing, too.


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