Saga of the wayward computer table

Hub bought a computer table for the guest room/my home office yesterday. It took both of us working as a team to get the behemoth up the stairs and into the loft.

We tried to get it into the office. It wouldn’t fit through the door.

Back story: I had explained to Hub when we got it up the stairs that I thought it would look better in the loft and I’d move the table the computer was on into my office. He said he bought the thing for the office, it was going in the office.

I looked at him from one side of the computer table (in the office) and he (in the hallway) looked at me. We groaned, we sighed, we moved it back into the loft and then he said, “Lisa. I wasn’t planning on doing all of this today. I’m hungry and I’m tired.”

So, I sent him downstairs and told him to heat up some leftovers while I tried to figure out what to do about the computer table situation.

In the time it took him to heat & eat his dinner, I managed to disconnect all the cords on the desktop computer in the loft, move the table & hutch that was in the loft to my office, move the desk that was in my office into bedroom #3 (the undefined territory), connected everything in my office, and was in the process of connecting everything back to the desktop in the loft when Hub came up the stairs.

He looked at me and said, “Hey! That looks pretty good there!”

That’s my Hub. ; )


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