I’m a grad student & I have no life


I am soooooo tired.

Kicking off last night’s class, my Legal Foundations prof said in so many words, “Y’all are full-time teachers, some of you are full-time administrators. You have families. Many of you are taking 2, even 3 classes this semester. So?”

No apologies for the workload. No compassion. What a guy.

I came home from class last night and studied until almost 11pm. Well past my normal bedtime, but I’ve been playing catch up since … heaven forbid … Saturday when I dared to spend time with my family.

I took a brief 30 minute hiatus this evening to gulp down some dinner before returning to the books. It’s 9pm and my eyes are crossing from exhaustion.

I’ll wrap up my semesterly whine entry and head to bed.

At least my Finance prof understands.

Probably ’cause she’s a girl.


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