The best part’s in the giving

Da’s retirement party was last night. Hubby & I had originally planned to go in with the Major and the Writer on a gift that we all thought he would love: a photography class. When I found out the dates of both opportunities the class was going to be offered, I realized that they would conflict with Mum & Da’s (now) busy travel schedule. So that plan was scratched. I also found out that the classes were only offered at night and I don’t want to send anyone, especially family, downtown after dark.

So it was back to the drawing board on finding the perfect retirement gift for the guy who has very close to everything.

Hubby & I looked. We pondered. We called Mum to ask her opinion. We drove to the outlet stores and walked the mall until very near closing time leaving empty-handed. We went to the mall on the river and were about to give up when I decided to walk into a store that hub & I usually don’t go to and found IT.

Ten minutes later, we were carrying Da’s retirement gift to the car.

When we got to the Chateau, I gently gave him the gift and said, “You might want to put this on a table to open it.” The package was very heavy and I didn’t want him to hurt himself trying to open it up if he tried to open the package while it was sitting in his lap.

He slowly ripped the paper off, looked at the box and couldn’t figure out what we’d given him. He opened the box and thought we’d given him an incredibly heavy bowling ball in a very cool new bowling bag.


He opened the bag and started pulling out the large, heavy bubble-wrapped orbs, the ball we called the “pool cue ball,” the tape measure, and the instructions.

We gave him a boccie ball set … and it’s so cool!

Before we purchased it, Hub asked where they’d be able to play and I got all excited and danced around and said, “Why on their front lawn, of course!” The Chateau has a long, flat front lawn that faces two streets. Just perfect for rolling heavy boccie balls back and forth!

When Da’s guests started arriving, I could sense the excitement from both my parents as they asked each of their friends, “Do any of y’all know how to play boccie balls? Lisa and Hub gave Da a boccie ball set!”

I think we may have got them started on a new interest … which is actually something that partners perfectly alongside their longtime passion of bowling.

Later in the evening as the last of their guests took their leave, Hub & I stood out on the front walk looking at their long stretch of front yard with Mum & Da, imagining all the fun that they’ll be able to have.

I’m so glad he likes his gift.

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