From dis- to Miss Organization

My calendar has lots of pretty colors on it.

Lots & lots of green for my ed. law assignments and purple for my school finance assignments. And then there’s everything I do at the place where I actually teach: all my ARDs are in pink, parent meetings are in blue, my faculty, department, & team meetings are in lilac, holidays are in gold, urgent due dates are in red.

Bright, colorful, and easy for me to understand.

I was showing hubby all of the assignments that I’m required to do for my both of my classes and he about died. This is his first semester in the Ed. Leadership program and he’s only taking one class. I’m three semesters ahead of him and, after this semester, three away from receiving my M.Ed. and sitting for my principalship exam.

My profs have loaded us up with lots of work to do between now & Thanksgiving. Ironically, they both want their students to have a restful week off since most districts in our area are taking the full week.

This, unfortunately, means that the week that we were all hoping to have for catching up on required readings and finishing semester projects is lost.

Oh well.

My calendar has lots of pretty colors on it.

Lots and lots of pretty colors.


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