Quixote & the toy dilemma

Confession time:

Hubby thinks I’m upstairs working on one of my several research projects for grad school. We both know what I’m actually doing …

yep …


But not for long! I actually finished inputting all of my assignments and deadlines on my electronic calendar and I actually AM working on my projects …


Okay, I’m taking a break. I’ve finished all my reading assignments for tomorrow’s class, completed my quiz, downloaded all the research criteria I need for my next two assignments due next week for my law class, and it’s time for a well-deserved break.

It’s a little hard to focus when you’ve got a cute poochie playing next to you and you can see all of this out of the corner of your eye and it’s SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING and entertaining that researching school policies or the educational finance system of Hawaii … or even the intricacies of the California school finance case, Wilson v. California … all of which I have managed to dabble in for at least a half hour each before Quixote captured my attention.

So he’s bobbing from tennis ball to Nylabone. His tail’s wagging as he quietly entertains himself.

It’s gotta be nice living the life of a pampered poochie.


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