So I just finished a practice online quiz for my Legal Foundations class.

And failed.

There were two questions.

The question that I missed?

“Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?” True or False.

I chose “True.”

Who isn’t buried in Grant’s Tomb, Grant is. And where’s Who?

wait for it …

Who’s on first.


I at least got the first question correct:

Which college football team was undefeated in the 2006-2007 season?
A. Texas A&M
B. University of Texas
C. University of Texas @ San Antonio
D. Judson


The answer’s “C” … UTSA doesn’t have a football team, thus they were and will continue to be undefeated … that is, until they get their long-awaited football team.

In the meantime …

Florida beat Western Kentucky today.

The legend continues …

Chomp, chomp!


One thought on “D’oh!

  1. As a contributor to the Laced With Grace Devotional Site I want thank you for your faithful readership. September is our one-year anniversary. We are please to announce we have a permanent new address. http://www.lacedwithgrace.com Please change your link to include this new address.

    God’s Blessings,


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