Adventures in Playland ~ a vent

The crisis counselor stopped by today to introduce her assistant to me and to show her around my campus. She introduced me as the department chair of “supplemental education” at my school. I told her that she can call me that, or what’s actually on my credential: “special educator.” She looked at me with one of those pasted on grins that told me that the new title is being resisted not only by me but by many of my SE colleagues throughout the district.

Is this a fall-on-the-sword issue? No.

It’s more the principle of the matter. This is something that not many of us are happy about at all. And, like I said, my teaching credential says, “Special Education, PreK-12” NOT “Supplemental Education.”

Will I lose sleep over this? Nah. I’ll blithely compromise and go from saying “SpecEd” or “SpEd” when referring to our support to just the initials: SE.

Was it a coincidence that “Supplemental” Education & “Special” Education have the same initials?

I think not.


One thought on “Adventures in Playland ~ a vent

  1. Just who does that lady think she is?!?! SPECIAL education is so much more than “supplemental education” and I think you and your fellow special educators ought to really make a stink about the name change! Is she trying to be more politically correct (which, she’s not, in my opinion) by calling special education a name which doesn’t conjure up negative images? In my neck of the woods, we have all worked so hard to make special education truly that – SPECIAL! It’s something that our students enjoy being a part of, not feel belittled by or ashamed of in any way. And, I think I can speak for the rest of my fellow educators when I say “I AM PROUD TO BE A SPECIAL EDUCATOR!” If the powers that be try a name change on us here, I’ll fight it every step of the way! I am proud of you, too, for being a special educator! Your students don’t realize just what a wonderful teacher they have! 😉

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