Alphabet Soup

The world of education, like the military, thrives in it’s use of acronyms. FIE, IEP, ARD, FOCUS, SCORE are just a few that leap off the top of my head.

There are times when the acronyms trip up even the most fluent.

Take yesterday for example.

Head Cheese was talking to me and one of my colleagues when he forgot what he was trying to say. He was actually trying to ask us about having our LSSP (see what I mean?) follow up on a re-eval that was to have occurred last May. He couldn’t remember what he was trying to say.

HC: I can’t remember what it’s called. FTE?
Me (not hearing him correctly): FTD? How sweet, you’re giving us flowers!


One thought on “Alphabet Soup

  1. I love it! 🙂
    Yes, around my neck of the woods, it’s things like IEP, RTI, SST, CELDT, ELD, CAHSEE, just to name a few! Feels good to be back in the thick of this crazy alphabet soup, huh?

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