Way too early in the year for tears

At my appointment last week, my doctor welcomed me into the wonderful world of perimenopause.


So what does this mean?

Other than the fits of tears several times a month, I don’t think there’s anything else to look forward to other than the fact that I’m getting old and my biological clock is in it’s final stages.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve rarely, if ever, complain about getting old. I usually laugh about it because getting old is fun and I’ve got great role models to show me how fun it really is.

Yesterday was what I’ve nicknamed a “sad hormone” day.

My campus persona is usually one of a very strong and emotionally-detached woman. Not mean and definitely not uncaring. More like “pleasant” and “fun to be around.” I don’t bring my rest-of-the-world problems with me to work. Even when I’m having a “sad” day, I can pretty-much keep my emotions in check and no one is the wiser.

Not yesterday.

We had a really good, really fun faculty meeting yesterday morning. When it was over and I was on my way to the Education Shoppe to buy some borders to complete my bulletin boards, I broke down into a huge puddle of tears.


I called hubby … just to hear his voice (and to cry some more).

It started raining while we were on the phone. And hubby said he felt bad, but he had a professional question to ask me. Don’t know what it was about him asking his question, I seemed to feel better. I answered his question, we said our goodbyes, and I started crying again.

My afternoon was NOT as pleasant as my morning … long meetings, a/c in the building went out, and my files … my precious, impeccably organized files … the files that I guard with my life … the files that I asked my ladies-in-waiting to pull information from for me the other day … were in such horrid disarray … that when I went to pull a file to work in and couldn’t find it because it was misfiled, along with all of the other files in that particular drawer,

I totally lost it and sank into a heap in the middle of my office.
Thankfully, nobody was around. I don’t know what I would have done if anyone was there.

Died of embarrassment, maybe?

One thought on “Way too early in the year for tears

  1. Oh Lisa! I feel for you…I too have days where I just get more emotional for no reason. Thank God for Lexapro…after telling my doctor (who has pronounced me in the “peri-menopause” stage of life) about my wild mood swings – going from happy, to witch, to sad, to mad at the whole world- SEVERAL times a day, she put me on this wonderful medication that has made me feel sane again! At first, I wasn’t too sure about being put on meds for my moods, but I tell you, it has saved me from insanity! Hang in there, and if you need someone to talk to, boo-hoo with, and just hear a friendly voice, I’m just a phone call away!
    Love you!

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