Contract Day 2

Each year, the district’s Special Education department has a one-day training at it’s offices on the other side of the district (as in, it’s about the only thing that puts the UC in SCUCISD). Not that there’s much distance from one side of the district to the other. That’s one of the nice things about working in a small district.

There are many of us, me included, that enjoy “SpecEd Day” because it’s about the only opportunity during the school year to network with colleagues from the other campuses and the district office.

I came away from yesterday’s confab re-certified in nonviolent crisis intervention, and the newest member of another district vertical team. To say that I didn’t expect either of these events to occur would be accurate.

The re-certification is like insurance … you pray you never have to use it. The worst part, for me, is demonstrating the restraints. I have to know how to do them, but I never want to have to use them.

The team I was just added to will concentrate on building a continuum of services to help students transition through the grades from PreK all the way through graduation and beyond.

One more item added to my “plate,” and one I’m happy to take it on. Focusing on how to keep kids in school has been one of my passions for as long as I’ve been teaching. That and working with students on the autism spectrum.

Remember a few days ago when I said I was eager to transition from the lazy days of summer to the insane busyness I like to call my “plate?” I seem to have forgotten what the result of the transition would be: sleepless nights planning for the next day’s events; scheduling, being scheduled for, and attending insane numbers of meetings; and drinking less water.

I miss drinking a tall, cold glass of water whenever I want to.

Thirst aside, I wouldn’t trade my “plate” for anything.

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