The Essence of Blonde

I finished up on the computer earlier this evening and headed down stairs. I was talking to hubby at the same time:

“Hey hon, have you ever noticed that the icons on the desktop seem to move around to different places? I almost couldn’t find the ‘Internet Explorer’ button because it shifted over to the first column …”

He looked at me like I was speaking any language other than English. The look said it all.

“Hon,” he said, “I was just up there hiding icons that we don’t use in the ‘Seldom Used’ folder.”


2 thoughts on “The Essence of Blonde

  1. Oh Lisa! I feel for you…I’ve had many of those types of moments myself, & they’re never pretty! Personally, I’d blame it on Carl…he’s the one that moved things around & you didn’t know about it, right?!? It’s not your fault that the icons weren’t in the same location they were the last time you used the computer!
    Hugs to you! L 😉

  2. In all fairness, I’ve done the same to him … only instead of hiding icons on the ‘puter desktop, I hide his old clothes. In the “Goodwill” pile.

    I think I’m actually justified on most of what goes in the donation pile, tho 😉

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