Planned v. Accomplished

With the end of my summer vacation fast approaching, I got to thinking about all that I accomplished during my 10 weeks off.
~ I had planned to work out every day, logging in anywhere from 30-40 miles a week.
~ I had planned to clear out the front flowerbeds.
~ I had planned to spend a few days at the coast … just hubby & me.

I guess I could beat myself up over all the things I had planned to do that I wasn’t able to accomplish. But what’s the use in that?

I’d rather reflect on what I was able to do:
~ spend good, quality time with hubby … at home
~ shampoo the carpets downstairs
~ rehabilitate my ankle from an injury two weeks into my vacation
~ acknowledged my anger issues and dealt with them
~ most important of all … stop running from the Hound of Heaven

There’s no use lamenting over what might have been. I can still work out, but I’ve learned that, thanks to continually reinjuring my ankle, I can’t do it as strenuously as I used to. I can piddle in my flowerbeds … but I don’t have to kill myself trying to get it all done in one day. And I can curl up with my honey and enjoy his company.

Who needs to go out of town to do that?

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