Boppin’ down the road to the tunes on my iPod

Guess what arrived this past week?

My Garmin!

I took it out for it’s maiden voyage this morning and am very impressed. It’s a bit bulkier on my wrist than I had expected, but I got used to it fairly quickly. It picked up a satellite very fast, which was a nice surprise. I stayed on a familiar route so I could compare the Garmin to my old Timex as far as distance calculation. The Garmin measured the route .04 of a mile shorter … mere footsteps … no big deal.

I was always paranoid that the Timex wasn’t very accurate because it would lose the satellite so often.

I started off out of my neighborhood listening to praise music and then thought I’d “up the ante” and switched over to my Hairspray soundtrack for the meat of my workout this morning. Let me just put it this way:

I was dancing like no one was watching …

Sadly, everyone was. I got more than a few smirks and sideways glances as I bopped down to the high school and back again.

And. I. didn’t. care!

It was a great workout, my Garmin did exactly what I had hoped it would do, and the tunes on my iPod kept me jammin’ the entire time. I was able to see what my pace was each and every time I looked down at my wrist. This is what I’ve been missing SO MUCH these past six months!

I was pleased to see I could reach and sustain a 14:30 mile (not for long, mind you, but that’s something to build on) and when it was time to cool down, I was able to actually SEE my pace drop.


Thanks for the early birthday present, hubby! You’re my sweetheart!


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