It may be half a room, but it took two whole days to put it together

Hubby & I have spent the better part of the last two days working on his half of the classroom that he will be sharing next year with the other special education teacher on his campus. He was so cute when we were walking up the hall to his room:

“Now hon, don’t get stressed when you see the room. I’m warning you now … it’s a mess.”

Thinking I was prepared to see anything, we headed in.

I almost died.

The custodians, God love them, had stacked boxes and furniture and computers and … STUFF …


I was almost in tears and very nearly hyperventilating. Hubby looked at me and said, “It was a lot worse the other day.”

Finally recovering some composure, I asked my darling husband what he wanted to do first. He wanted to figure out what stuff belonged to whom. So we started separating the boxes.

His roommate had apparently been in either earlier in the week or sometime last month and laid claim to the back half of the classroom. That made it a whole lot easier for us because we started moving her stuff to the back. We stacked the boxes neatly and made sure to give her plenty of walk room to her desk and to the back closet … which is much more than she did for hubby.

We have no idea why she didn’t either call hubby and let him know she was going in to work on the room or make the time to come up when he said he’d be there.

At the end of day 2, hubby’s half of the room is just about all settled in. All that’s left to do on his side is to connect his computers, put some stuff in storage, and hang posters & banners. Other than that, he’s set for the new school year.

My roommate & I won’t settle our room until it gets closer to the middle of the month. (She & I have already agreed to work on our room together.)

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