We finally have had two consecutive days without rain and the ground is starting to dry out. Once the ground dries out, I think hubby’s going to lay down an anti-fungial to help get rid of the brown spots on the grass and to decrease the burgeoning mushroom population.

I was finally able to head out the door and do some light training yesterday. The massage therapist I saw on Wednesday told me that I needed to take two more days off and heat/ice my ankle to help to rehabilitate it. I was able to get in about 3.5 miles with hubby yesterday without any major ankle pain when we got home.

Summer is finally winding down. As much as I’ve enjoyed the time off, it started to become a little tedious. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy my summer as much as I had hoped. It is wonderful having a few days off here and there but three months at one time was just too much this year. Especially with the rainy weather and my ankle injury keeping me inside for a lot of the time.

And finally

Hubby said to go ahead and order my Garmin yesterday! I’ve been training without a GPS since February … not that I’ve been able to train consistently lately due to the rainy weather and my ankle injury … My new tool should be here in the next week or so.

I’m so excited!


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