Adventures in Dentistry

Hubby had his wisdom teeth pulled this morning. He’s not a fan of dentists and really hates to be awake when they work, so he had to find a dentist that would knock him out but would also take his insurance.

Teachers have some of the WORST dental insurance packages. His is bad, mine is worse!

The receptionist had told me when we got there that it would take a couple of hours for them to complete the procedure and so I told them I’d go run my errands and be back in two.

It took an additional two hours (no idea why) and when they were finished, the nurse told me I could “drive around back and pick up [my] husband.” Eh? So I settled up the bill and drove around to the back of the dentist’s office to pick up hubby.

The poor guy was so out of it! The nurse & I got him out of the dental chair and safely into Kermie. He couldn’t even fasten his seatbelt. I got him situated and he promptly fell back to sleep.

He scared me at one point when he slumped forward. The only thing keeping him in his seat was the shoulder restraint. Each time I made a turn, he’d slide over on me. I got a good workout on my right side keeping him propped up in the seat with one arm while trying to turn the steering wheel with the other.

When we arrived home, he tried mumbling something to me. His mouth was full of gauze and I just plain can’t hear so well. We made quite a hilarious couple at that point:

H: “miffle, mumble, uh?”
me: “What?”
H: “I faid, miffle, mumble, uh?”
me: “Yes, we’re home. Can you unfasten your seatbelt?”
H: “mumble”
me: “Honey, let go of the belt so I can get you inside.”
H: “miffle, mumble, uh?”
me: “What?”
H: “I faid, miffle, mumble, uh?”
me: “you want to stay down stairs?”
H: “eff.”

At this point he landed all caddy-wampus on the sofa. I got him situated so he wouldn’t wake up with strange body aches from sleeping all kapakahi.

Ten minutes later he woke up and asked when we were going home.

Poor guy. Please keep him in your prayers. He’ll be waking up soon and will most likely be in pain. I’m heading out to pick up his pain meds in just a few.

—– Six hours later —–

The adventure contined with several unsuccessful trips to two, yes TWO different pharmacies and multiple phone calls to the dentist (I called the wrong office the first few times) checking on where exactly they had called the prescription in to. All totalled, it took 5 hours to settle the pharmacy mess.

Hubby’s got his drugs.

All’s well with the world.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Dentistry

  1. OMG … bless him! I remember when I had my 4 taken out, and my friend picked me up from the dentist. I said, “I hope I didn’t fart during all that.” I don’t remember much else of the ride home, but I was pretty concerned about passing gas when I was “under.” Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

  2. Poor “hubby”, I feel for him. Hopefully he’s feeling back to normal now. You had an exhausting day, do hope that you’ve recovered and can look back on that day and laugh at all the “mishappenings” of your “adventure”. Love, Mom

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