Hubby Walkin’

Hubby asked me to walk with him yesterday.

He’s concerned that he’s not getting “enough” out of his workouts and wondered if I could watch him walk to see what he might be doing wrong. I was touched that he asked me and so we headed out the door at a fairly descent hour yesterday morning.

He & I don’t usually walk together for a couple of reasons:

First, we’re not doing this for the same outcome. I walk to race. He walks for fitness. I focus more on distance, pace, and form. He just wants a cardio workout.

The other reason is absolutely silly, but still, it’s a reason … We constantly compete against each other and when we walk, it’s all about who will finish first. He annoys me when he insists on walking one step ahead of me and I annoy him when I reach my “race pace” and he can’t keep up.

So it was a unique opportunity yesterday for both of us to look past why we don’t walk together and try to help each other out.

I helped him realize that he expends a lot of energy in poor form and showed him how to improve his form so that he can get “more” out of his cardio workout. He helped me realize that although I thought I had conquered it, I still sometimes slap my feet on the pavement. No wonder my ankles continue to bother me.

All in all, it was a nice walk. Friends & colleagues of mine passed us as we walked up and down the parkway and our fellow road warriors were, for the most part, friendly with most of us sharing a good morning wave or a friendly greeting as we passed each other.

Will hubby & I walk together very often? Perhaps.

But only if he wants to start putting in some serious distance.

Thanks to circumstances beyond my control, I’m WAY behind in the 450 in 4 competition!

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