IT has a ‘tude

Queen Mum & Da bought one of those GPS navigational systems for their car. Their’s is portable so if they ever want to take it while they’re walking, IT will call out directions on their walking tour as well.

They do a lot of travelling, so it is definitely a worthwhile investment for them.

We went to a baseball game with them the other night and Mum said we should punch in the address for the stadium to see how IT would navigate us there. The stadium is on a highway and IT wouldn’t recognize “highway” in any of the possible derivatives of the word as a street name.

Mum played with IT and couldn’t get IT to recognize the name of the stadium. So, just so we could get moving out the door, she decided to just punch in “San Antonio.” IT said it was ready and out the door we headed.

IT started speaking the moment the garage door was down and we had pulled out of the driveway. Right, then right, then right again. Da turned right, then right, then left.

IT said with as much attitude as a machine can muster: “Recalculating.”

I almost thought it was going to sigh and roll it’s eyes (if it had any). I couldn’t stop laughing.

IT got itself situated and we were on our way, IT speaking non-stop, “right on Interstate 35, then south …” As long as Da followed IT’s voice, IT was happy.

I asked if I could “see” IT for a minute because I was just sure I could get IT to take us to the baseball stadium. (I did mention we already knew where we were going, didn’t I?) After pushing almost every possible button combination, I found it! I found the name of the stadium and as I pressed the button to get the directions, IT told us in it’s mechanical female voice that IT was ready to take us where we wanted to go.

IT has a cool little “home” button that you can push when you’re ready to head home and IT will give you directions how to get there.

After the game, Da pushed the “home” button. IT started calling out directions. We hadn’t even left the parking lot when we had to make a detour because of water over the road.

IT didn’t like that. We all steeled ourselves for what we knew would be coming …


And then we laughed. IT is a great tool and I know hubby is thinking that but for the fact that we don’t travel anywhere outside of our local zip code, he’d really like to get one.

The attitude? We can do without.

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