And Sometimes Too Much of a Good Thing is Good

There are times when I over-prepare for an event/class/meeting. Staying up until almost midnight reading and reviewing TEKS and TAKS data in preparation for this week’s meetings almost qualifies.

Fortunately for me, I wasn’t the only one on my team that did this. Out of a team of three, we all did the EXACT. SAME. THING. How hilarious is that?

We all also forgot what time our meeting started and did the same thing … arrive at 8:30 so that if the meeting started at 8am, we’d only be 30 minutes late and if it started at 9am, we’d be 30 minutes early.

Turned out that we were 30 minutes early. What a relief!

Although the meeting was for the district’s Vertical Alignment Team, the two-day meeting that we are attending is actually a Trainer of Trainers workshop to roll out new curriculum software when school starts next month. We didn’t know this until the facilitator began explaining why we were there.

The blessing was in the details, though. When we were tasked with identifying certain components of the TEKS, we were able to almost breeze through the exercise. Each member of my team happened to bring the necessary data to complete the task.

Thank You, Lord for prompting us to over-prepare.

One thought on “And Sometimes Too Much of a Good Thing is Good

  1. You are right, sometimes we do ‘over-prepare’, but in your case it turned out to be a good thing :). I think it is too funny that your entire team did the same thing. I am glad that you meeting went well…

    Be blessed today and always.

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