Free Therapy on my Favorite Country Road

I woke up this morning to a bedroom filled with an eerie yellowish light. With all the storms we’ve had lately, I thought we might be having some sort of tornado emergency and so I leaped out of bed and threw open the drapes and blinds to “see what was the matter …”

only to be blinded by sunlight.

Yes, tatertots. It has been THAT long since we’ve had daybreak with a beautiful sunrise.

Time to head out and try to make up some of that mileage I haven’t been able to put in these past few days.

The funny thing, or maybe it isn’t funny but odd, is that I really didn’t WANT to train today. I told the Writer that I’d start my running intervals on Sunday afternoons after my long training days on Saturdays. But I didn’t want to head to the track to run. Truth be told, I didn’t even want to walk. I knew I had to, though, or I’d never forgive myself for staying in bed.

So I laced up my shoes, harnessed the poochies, and headed out the door to one of my favorite country roads. Although the poochies loved the going out, they were (shall we say) dog tired on the return home. By the end of the 3rd mile, all they wanted was to put their paws up and lay down by a big bowl of water. Ah, but we weren’t quite home yet.

Head Cheese & I met at the corner before we headed down the country road. He was on his way to the gym. I don’t see him on the road much anymore. But that’s another story.

I decided to walk the CR because I wanted to see what three weeks worth of rain had done to the flood plain. It was really cool to look at. I stopped more than I should have but there was so much to see … the meandering paths of soil cut by the flood waters, the way the debris was washed along the edge of the storm canal. I was fascinated with it all.

The air was so clear that we could hear the screech of the peacocks on one of the farms a few miles down the road. Totally freaked the dogs because they’d never heard anything like that. The rooster on the farm next to our road was way past too much for Quixote and it was all I could do to keep him from bolting for home.

It was not a fast walk by any stretch of the imagination, but walking the CR with my poochies the first day after a long stretch of rainy days was definitely therapeutic.

I am so glad I went.

2 thoughts on “Free Therapy on my Favorite Country Road

  1. Sounds like the perfect morning! I just wish I could’ve walked it with you with my poochie! She’d love to get out more, & walking with friends is what she likes best (me too!) Miss you!

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