No Sir, my dogs do not have ADD

They have ADHD.

How do I know this? Have you SEEN the path they’ve worn along the fence line in our backyard?

It’s hilarious to watch them sleeping in the backyard, basking in the sunshine, jumping up at the slightest noise and running to the fence. They perk up their ears, sit at “point” (I mean really, what’s the use of standing?) and wait until the runner/biker/skateboarder/woman with stroller/squirrel pass by. When the blessed event occurs, they’re off like fire on a trail of gunpowder. Back & forth, plowing into each other because they’re not watching where they’re going.

Of course, if something else (like a butterfly) catches their attention during their frenzied pacing, they charge toward it, barking and yipping all the way.

Better than watching reruns on television, I tell ya.

And then there’s that dern cat that lives two doors down that must have made it her life’s goal to get my poochies so worked up that they’ll one day bust out the living room windows to go chase her back from whence she came. One little well-timed “squeak” from football and the house again becomes quiet as the two of them stampede through the house trying to find their beloved toy.

Hyper, focused on something of interest for short periods of time, sitting still only when they want to be scratched, extremely light sleepers. I rest my case.

Anyone know where I can get some doggie Ritalin?

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