I woke up this morning to a pair of gentle brown eyes staring at me down a long poochie nose. Before I could pull the cover over my face, Panza gave me one long “good morning” lick.


Fully awake at that point, I scratched the big guy behind his ears and rolled out of bed.

He & Quixote are my boys, my unofficial alarm clocks, my constant shadows whenever I’m home.

And they have better health care than hubby and me.

I stopped by their vet’s office yesterday afternoon to increase their coverage to include annual dental cleanings. We thought they already had this on their plans, but we were mistaken.

These guys now have coverage that pays for two comprehensive exams per year, unlimited office visits, discounted medications, and annual dental cleanings.

All for the very reasonable price of $27.95 per month per pooch.

I tried to add hubby & me to the plan.

The vet said, “No.”

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