Man Cave

Hubby & I were watching one of the home improvement channels last weekend and happened across a commercial for a show that is all about man caves. The title of the show, appropriately enough, is “Man Caves.”

Hubby drooled over the different rooms in the commercial and I got to thinking that it would be nice to “someday” build a room just for him.

I have no idea when “someday” will arrive, and since this really isn’t a priority, I had to look at the rooms available in our house that we could create into a manly den of testosterone.

Hubby’s in workshops again this week. With him out of the house, I figured I’d seize the opportunity to surprise him and clear out a space for his cave.

I started my quest in the back bedroom. It’s basically a “catch-all” room right now, but if it were to be totally cleared out, there’d be enough space to put at least a recliner & a TV in there. The only negative: no cable inlet in the back bedroom. At a minimum, his man cave should have a TV.

I peeked into the guest bedroom and immediately nixed that idea because we use that room as my office. In addition, all our teaching resources are housed there. Too much work to move everything out and make this his room.

Since I wasn’t going to be successful in transforming either of the above rooms into hubby’s cave, I spent the better part of yesterday clearing out the last place in the house that is man cave friendly. The space has one thing going for it already: hubby’s pride & joy … his regulation dart board & cabinet.

There’s still a lot to do to the space: finish the walls, sell my heavy bag & equipment, and replace shelves. When it’s finished, it’ll be one rockin’ man cave.

The room I spent so much time on yesterday?

The garage.

Hubby came home and was thrilled with his “new” space. He can now get to his dart board, which was all he really wanted anyway.

I’m so glad I was able to surprise him with [the beginnings of] his own cave. : )

2 thoughts on “Man Cave

  1. My husband and I saw that commercial, too! His eyes lit up like someone had just shown him the most amazing thing on earth. Boys and their toys! LOL!

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