2 Days On, 2 Days Off

This ankle injury is really starting to bum me out.

I’ve been doing 2 on, 2 off since I did the fool injury and this current routine is NOT helping my psyche at all. It helps the ankle, though. When all is said & done, I guess that’s all that matters.

I’m thankful this happened early in the summer training season so that I can get it healed and move on. I really want to get more race pace work in and increase my running increments.

I’ll continue the 2 & 2, the RICE, the ibuprofen, and the ankle exercises for another week. If my ankle doesn’t seem to improve, I guess it’ll be time to visit the doc and see what she says.


Game 2
Spurs v. Cavs: 103-92

One thought on “2 Days On, 2 Days Off

  1. Awww, Lisa! Sorry to hear you injured your ankle! Ouch! Why is it that ankle injuries hurt so bad?!? I hope you heal quickly and get back out there!
    Take care! Hugs to you!

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