From Class to Crass in One Series

My Spurs.

Once known as the “class act” of the NBA.

Now being hailed as the villians against the “newbie” Cavaliers.


Where does the media get this schlock?

Sure, there were some physical altercations with the Suns during their playoff series. The Suns were dishing as much as receiving and no one called the Suns on their behaviors.

Why all the hullabaloo?

Because the Spurs have long been known as the gentlemen of the game. The city that they call home has long known that the Spurs players have been a class act organization.

Yeah, their reputation was tarnished a bit this year because of the incidents with the Suns. But they’re handling all of the negative hype pretty well.

Game 1 is tonight.

Go Spurs Go!

Final score game 1: Spurs 85, Cavs 76 … way to go, Spurs!
Game 2 is Sunday

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