RWs in a small town

I like living in a small town. Anything we need is easily accessible, our geography is interesting, and the folks are nice.

You can reach everything in my town just by driving down one of two main parkways. They run parallel to each other and intersect the interstate to the west and a farm to market (FM) to the east. Hubby & I live between both parkways.

We live in a hilly area and so I call parts of town “upper” and others “lower.” It has nothing to do with economy and everything to do with geography. I really don’t think anybody else nicknames the areas of town … unless they’re road warriors (RWs) like me.

Only one of the parkways is actually safe to walk/run/bike on and it’s usually got at least two or three RWs on it at any one time. There’s a fairly large group of regulars that use the parkway each day … all day. For the most part, we’re a friendly bunch. There are some athletes that are more focused on their craft than on the community, but that’s their personalities and they don’t bother anyone.

The coolest thing about living in a small town is when I’m out on the parkway and I see someone I know passing in the opposite direction and I get to cheer them on … or when one of my neighbors or colleagues passes by in their car and they “toot” their horn in a friendly greeting.

I don’t think I can recall a time being out on the parkway and not seeing at least one of my fellow RWs get a friendly “toot” & wave. This morning was no exception.

I don’t know what I did, but my ankle started really hurting before I hit my turnaround point. I was doing my best not to look like I was hobbling, even though my ankle REALLY hurt. I saw a truck pass by and heard a “toot, toot!” and the fellow ahead of me turned, threw out a wave, and we continued. Just as I was about to make my final turn, I hear, “You go Lisa! You’re doing awesome!” One of my colleagues at the stoplight was shouting to me at the top of her lungs.

She’s so silly & I love her to pieces. Her shout-out was enough motivation to get me home, despite my hobble.

I really do enjoy being an RW in a small town.


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